Hull: 25% Capital Growth in the Last 5 Years, Accelerating to 8.5% in 2016

  • Studios and 1 Bed Apartments in Hull City Centre Locations
  • Property prices have grown by 25% over 5 years, accelerating to 8.5% in the last 12 months
  • Invest in buy-to-let properties in Hull from £59,950
  • Population is projected to grow by 10% over the next 5 years
  • Top 10 high yields city up to 8.5% with the UK’s most favourable affordability ratios
  • 70% undersupply of required housing stock set out by Hull City Council

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Buy to let properties in Hull?

Hull: A city entering a new era of prosperity. A city on the cusp of an explosive growth cycle, Hull is in the midst of a process of transformation and regeneration that is unparalleled anywhere else in the UK. The city is undergoing a 10 year action plan to develop the city further with over £1billion of investment, attracting both government and private funding. Having been selected as part of a UK master plan to make it the renewable energy capital of the UK, the government has recognised the unique role that Hull is playing in strengthening the UK’s economic growth.

The investment that Hull is seeing, coupled with the legacy of winning the global accolade ‘UK City of Culture 2017’ means confidence in the area and the city’s international profile is the highest it has ever been. A growing population coupled with an existing shortage in the housing supply is driving an acute shortage in supply of quality housing to accommodate the skilled working professionals flocking to the city.

Economy in Hull

Operating costs in Hull can be 20% lower than the UK average and the city has recently attracted investment from some of the world’s biggest, globally significant brands including BP, E-ON and Siemens; who have just invested £310million with Associated British Ports into their only UK wind turbine blade production facility, generating 10,000 jobs. Home to the UK’s largest port complex, the 4th busiest in Europe, generating over 47,000 jobs Hull’s economy is thriving, including its digital economy adding £254m annually, having been listed in the ‘UK’s Hottest Digital Centres’ by the Tech Nation 2017 survey.

With Hull’s economic growth being fuelled by world leading engineering projects, this requires a quality labour force. The thriving economy and employment opportunities combined with the allure of the UK’s most favourable house price affordability ratios, are driving rental and sales demand in all levels of the market.

Tenant Demand in Hull

Featured at the top of HSBC’s UK Buy-to-Let Hotspot list thanks to low average property prices and strong rental demand, Hull is currently experiencing a 70% undersupply of required housing stock set out by Hull City Council. To date, NET growth in the city centre housing stock has been of a modest 265 homes per year vs a requirement of 880 per year creating an urgent need to address the shortage of stock in the city.

As the economy surges forward, Hull’s population is expected to grow by 10% over the next 5 years, exacerbating the existing housing shortage. Hull City council set out a requirement for 14,440 homes over the 2011-30 period based on a continuation of past population trends, a projection which has since increased to 16,720 as a result of economic growth expectations driven by investment and regeneration activity. Hull is currently presenting all the fundamentals required to offer maximum returns to the discerning property investor.



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